The Finnish company Artist’s Birth focuses on renting young artists’ artwork to individual and business clients. In the future, the company will offer art school students’ paintings, drawings, printmakings, photographs, sculptures and installations from all over the world.
Our mission is to discover and promote new talents who in the future will have their own place in the art market. Artist’s Birth was founded to help young artists by giving them the opportunity to reach a wide audience while they are still in art school. Art rental seems to be a perfect solution. The student remains the owner of his/her works and at the same time shares his/her art with other people.
One of our main purposes is to change people’s mind about the art world and to break away from the hermetic art world, which is widely considered to be something only for specialists and art collectors. Together with our artists, we would like to give people the opportunity to get to know and better understand contemporary art. By supporting the young talented artists, our clients will be eyewitnesses of their transformation from young students to mature artists, which was symbolically included in the company’s name and logo.
Up to this point, the art world has yet given neither art students nor recipients those opportunities, which makes our offer so unique.



Katarzyna Szulc is an art historian and a philologist. She received a MA in Art History in 2010 and a BA in Finnish Studies in 2011. Currently, she is writing a doctoral thesis on Finnish art. She has given lectures at Helsinki University, Warsaw University, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and she has spoken at various conferences. She has also collaborated with many artists, organizations and institutions e.g. museums, embassies not only in Finland but also abroad.